President’s Report – 2017

2017 has already witnessed new networking opportunities. The UTA is not a single style organization. We play home to TaeGuk, Chang Hon and Song Ahm styles, all of whom are independent schools and associations. Bringing instructors together is no easy task. We have been extremely fortunate to find open minded professionals who believe in our vision of uniting the arts. We are now over one hundred schools strong! Since January, we have added fifteen new schools. Our alliances with the ITF-U have grown stronger, and we are now we are introducing Olympic style sparring to this year’s Grand Nationals. Our newest alliance with Grand Master Park Jong Soo strengthens our position in the martial arts community. He is one of only 8 men to receive their 9th degree black belt directly from General Hong Hi Choi before his passing. My promotion to 9th from him now puts our Chang Hon students only three generations away from the top.

We are excited about the growth of the UTA. We have also launched our new “Women’s Council”. Our first president of the women’s council is Master Sherry Roche. We recognize all of our women in the UTA as tremendous leaders and valuable assets in growing into the future. The women’s council will develop camps and training specific for ladies only. We have also launched our new “Master’s Camp” for 6th Dans and above and our new “School Owner’s Camp,” for school owners only. Master John Swift and his I.T.S. group are growing strong. We have many new travel opportunities to Great Britain with combined training camps and tournaments planned. This year, we will take members to Scotland for the Pan-European games and the Black Belt camp in England.

We encourage each member to help spread the word, invite new schools and get involved in helping the UTA be a positive force in the Taekwondo world. Help serve on one of our many committees, help us be the positive force of Taekwondo!
Thank you for your support. I am looking forward to seeing you again this year at our Grand Nationals.


Grand Master Jason Wadley
9th Dan – ITF-Union
8th Dan – Moo Duk Kwan
7th Dan – Kukkiwon