About the UTA.

Our Mission

The UTA is a unique organization. We refer to it as a network rather than a organization. The UTA is a indipendent organization who networks with many other larger and smaller groups to offer training, certifications and compitition to its members.

The UTA is made up of other independent schools and small organizations who come under the umbrella of the UTA’s guidelines and philosophies.

The UTA offers to its member schools;

1. Advanced training to instructors
2. Competition program
3. Consulting
4. Dan certification
5. Gup certification
6. National and international travel opertumjites
7. Rank advancement
8. Student transfer privileges
9. Great network of professional martial artists

To insure quality the UTA is a closed organization. Only Network members, guest and members are allowed to attend events.

Our History

The United Taekwon-Do Alliance (UTA) is a networking organization that offers rank certification, tournament competition, instructor certification, and training seminars. The UTA is committed to promoting unity for Taekwon-Do schools and organizations throughout the world.

The UTA offers a World Championship each year as well as a National Championship. We also offer many seminars and camps, which include advanced level Taekwon-Do training, instructor training and business classes.

  • 2007

    Started our organization!

  • 2017

    10 year anniversary of the Alliance

We are so excited to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Alliance. many instructors and students have played a part in growing a few Independent schools into a world respected organization.

Your annual support of the Grand National Tournament has helped play a key roll in the development of the organization. It is our goal to continue to bring more professional school owners in the efforts of uniting independent instructors and associations through our vision of networking.

We look forward to the next 10 years and we are proud that you chose the UTA for your continuing education in Taekwondo.

Grand Master Jason Wadley

UTA Senior Instructors

The UTA is lead by Grand Master Jason Wadley. The UTA has many high ranking masters who help manage, teach and grow the network.

Jason Wadley,

Jim Hammons, 8th DanSecretary General Oklahoma

Yong Zeeb, 8th Dan Vice PresidentBossier City, Louisiana

Dennis Brewer,
8th DanVice PresidentWest Memphis, Arkansas

Chris Rangel, 8th Dan Vice PresidentNewton, Kansas

Larry Wells, 8th Dan Vice PresidentTulsa, Oklahoma